Radical solutions required to make cancer treatment accessible to all in Africa

There is a wide variety of statistics available regarding cancer in Africa, many just estimates of the situation. However, statistics are patients with the tears wiped away. It is bad to have cancer and worse to have cancer if you are poor.

Radical solutions to improve the situation in the poor countries are urgently needed: the status quo is not an appropriate response to the current situation.

Recognizing that no single Government or source of philanthropy has the means to solve this problem, new models are needed to cope with and improve this situation.

African governments and their healthcare systems are severely burdened by their inability to diagnose, treat, and control the surge of the variable cancers within their population. Cancer is gender, ethnically, and economically agnostic.

Cancer is and has always been a dreaded disease. Affordable health care should not be at the cost of quality life or the strength of everyone surrounding and supporting the patient. 

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