The Key Challenges facing Healthcare Systems in Africa

African governments and their healthcare systems are severely burdened by their inability to diagnose, treat, and control the surge of the variable cancers within their population.

High Level Facts on the Healthcare Systems in Africa

  1. The continent suffers from neglect and underfunding, leading to severe challenges across the six World Health Organization (WHO) pillars of healthcare delivery.
  2. The underdeveloped healthcare systems in Africa need radical solutions with innovative thought to break the current bottleneck in service delivery.
  3. Multinational companies are extracting massive amounts of resources from the African continent and should invest in healthcare as human capital is the workforce behind their commercial gains.

The Tripod Effect on Africa’s Healthcare Systems

  1. Inadequate Human Resources
  2. Inadequate Budgetary Allocation to Health
  3. Poor Leadership and Management

The above-highlighted points account for over two-thirds of the perceived problems in the healthcare sector in Africa. Looking at the REVERSE, addressing these three key challenges may solve over two-third of the problems associated with the healthcare system in Africa.

Other common statements on Healthcare in Africa

1. Lack of access to healthcare

2. Weak healthcare systems

3. High disease burden

4. Healthcare system corruption

5. Poor leadership and administration

6. Non-use of evidence-based intervention

7. Poor quality of healthcare services

8. Lack of good resource management

9. Weak training and education of healthcare workers

10. Weak healthcare management information systems

11. Non-prioritization of healthcare activities

12.  Professional rivalry

Proposed leading solutions

1.Training and capacity building of healthcare workers

2. Adequate health insurance schemes

3. Advocacy and increase political engagement

4. Increased budgetary allocation to healthcare 

5. Improved healthcare infrastructure

And more on resolving the State of Healthcare in Africa

1. Increase collaboration among stakeholders to address healthcare issues

2. Improved capacity to prevent and control disease

3. Leadership and management training

4. Improved monitoring and evaluation of healthcare services 

5. Better remuneration of healthcare workers

Finally out of 57 countries globally classified as having critical healthcare workforce numbers, 36 of them are in sub-Saharan Africa. via World Economic Forum

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