Cancer is not just ONE disease

Variable treatments are required, from surgery, chemotherapy, to radiation and possibly multiple drug cycles to treat. Treatment approaches differ from patient to patient and it is EXPENSIVE.

The vast majority with cancer will only get diagnosed at later stages when the impact of treatment results in patients progressing from a curative to a palliative stage. The body of knowledge around cancer treatment is akin to going ‘Down the rabbit hole’. There is NO VACCINE.

Africa is inherently disadvantaged -from the inaccessibility of specialists to affordability of treatment and a perpetually disproportionate ratio of patient to a healthcare provider.

Communicable diseases such as HIV – AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis take center stage. Africa healthcare policies are thus driven by what takes center stage. A cancer diagnosis is a life sentence to the Patient. Your sentence is determined by the stage of your diagnosis. In Africa more often – almost always it is a late-stage diagnosis.

Early-stage detection, diagnosis, and treatment are vital for the survival of the Patient. Cancer is the fastest growing dreaded disease globally and WHO estimates in Africa at a rate of close to 15% per annum – with the late-stage diagnosis.

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