MEC Health Dr Bandile Masuku ‘Dignified Healthcare System for All’


Accelerated Visible Service Delivery & KPI Targets

The recently appointed Gauteng MEC for Health Dr Bandile Masuku plans to win back the confidence of the public and healthcare staff after he announced his plans going forward in the Healthcare sector making patients and staff his key priorities.

Gauteng Premier David Makhura with regards to the appointment of Dr Bandile Wallace Masuku as the new MEC for health said: “We could only afford to have the healthcare system run by a doctor. It serves close to 30 million people per annum, it’s not in a healthy state.” he then went on to say: “75% of our clinics are doing a good job, but there are still many problems, our communities go there, there are queues, then the clinics close early. These are problems that we want to fix. We have brought in Dr Bandile Masuku to create a Dignified Healthcare System for All.”

Gauteng MEC for Health Dr Bandile Masuku

Dr Bandile Masuku told UMP – #UniNews that improving the experience of patients at public health facilities is his top priority. No short term solutions – complex issues take time/ There are no quick fixes for their problems as complex solutions take time and planning to resolve, complex problems like these need specialized solutions, the patient experience is key, HR looks to address staff morale issues, quality assurance teams will take the lead for improved conditions for both staff and patients. His vision is to see that there is overall good health for the whole nation.

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