Mass Boeka at Bosmont Mosque Hall JHB

The Saeed Foundation (NPO) together with the Cape Malay Jhb have come together to launch their first mass boeka event on the 24 May 2019 at the Bosmont Mosque Hall, Johannesburg.

The guests of honour invited for the inaugural event are H.E Mr Mohamad Nazin Mohamad (Malaysian Ambassador), H.E Mr Dzulazhar Musa (Deputy Malaysian Ambassador), Mr Muhd Hairi Zainal Abidin (High commissioner Malaysian Trade) and Mr Ishak Ujang (Colonel Malaysian Defence).

A mass boeka presents the perfect opportunity for a custom and cultural unification of its Muslim and cultural ‘Malay’ people. Cape Malay in Johannesburg (CMJ) consists of a base of entrepreneurs from the community with the aim to grow businesses and to gain market share economically as a minority group. This event is the perfect setting to drive CMJ’s vision and to use it as a catalyst to share and invite potential stakeholders. “We are a talented community comprising of artisans, creatives and entrepreneurs. We can build a brand together that showcases our talents whilst we keep ownership”

The mass boeka, sponsored mainly by small businesses proves the capacity the community has in creating an impact within the food industry as a start, amidst the others such as construction, manufacturing, fashion and lifestyle to name a few.

Saeed Abrahams Director of the Saeed Foundation, added that: ‘This is the perfect time to come out and practice the spirit of sharing, giving and celebrating our cultural and traditional ways when observing the boeka during Ramadaan.’

The Foundation has been involved in community feeding schemes for more than 8 years and its other significant project is the annual ‘Charity Begins @ Home’, which has been running successfully for the last 5 years. 

‘Charity Begins @ Home’

The project reaches out through a social outreach program, economic- business market development, Youth development, Sports, Arts & Culture, Health, Education and other uplifting awareness and fun activities.

This mass boeka event is a natural progression from the Foundation’s community projects and has large significance by being held at the historical Bosmont Mosque….“This is Johannesburg’s heartbeat and home to it’s predominantly Muslim-Malay residential households. It further links it’s surrounding neighbourhood to their ancestral roots from the Far East as slaves and traders and it’s local roots as Cape Malay. All this resulting in several settlements in Jhb, that were greatly affected by the apartheid racial discrimination and Group Areas Act.” says Saeed Abrahams Director of the Saeed Foundation

To the larger community, we hope through events such as this mass boeka, to reignite traditional values, customs and principles of the origin and true spirit of our Muslim/Malay heritage and culture as a reflection to our children and grandchildren.

On Friday afternoon 24 May 2019, The Saeed Foundation and the Cape Malay Jhb members and their volunteer teams will cook up a storm as they plan to feed the 500 people that will be attending.

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