Jetpatcher SA Demo to Emfuleni Local Municipality

Emfuleni local Municipality (ELM) is a highly industrialized region which is strategically positioned on route to OR Tambo International Airport enabling connections into Johannesburg, Pretoria and within 5 hours’ drive to Durban. ELM is renowned for its contribution to the iron and steel industry in South Africa and its roads infrastructure is crucial to its efficiency and high turnover productivity.

In August 2017, ELM acknowledged that its road infrastructure was troubled by many potholes and in some cases the roads needed to be rebuilt as it had collapsed as a consequence of inadequate maintenance and financial constraints.

Executive Mayor Jacob Khawe fixing potholes on the corner of Voortrekker Street and Grey Road in Vereeniging

Although Emfuleni Local Municipality has undertaken the task to repair the potholes using its immediate resource base, it has often highlighted that the main reason for incompletion was due to broken machines which caused a heavy delay in completing the required work. When Executive Mayor, Councillior (Cllr) Jacob Khawe was inaugurated on the 30th November 2010, he said in his acceptance speech, that he is committed to improving the infrastructure and road rehabilitation to ensure that the region operates optimally. He is known amongst his peers for not being just a talker in the board room, but rather hands on, ensuring problems are solved and his councilors being proactive and solution driven.

On the Friday 3rd August 2018, Jetpacher SA Pothole and Road Rehabilitation Demo took place on the corner of Voortrekker Street and Grey road in Vereeniging. The Executive Mayor, Councillior (Cllr) Jacob Khawe and his councilors were all present to learn more about this project and its solutions.

The Mayor, himself got actively involved and was able to get his hands dirty and quickly settled into the feel and effect of the Jetpatcher systems. The demo focused on the four stage process to fixing a pothole. The demo began with the troubled area being cleaned, prepared, sealed, filled, cured and ready for traffic in one smooth operation.

Additional focus was on permanent repairs, which are made with bitumen emulsion. Emulsion is safe and environmental friendly.  The system guarantees minimum traffic delays with most repairs completed under 15 minutes.

In July 2018, Jetpatcher SA had the opportunity to demonstrate its potholes and resurfacing technology to members of the Johannesburg Roads Agency. Chris Hooman CEO Jetpatcher SA emphasized that: “besides its technology saving money and time on the resources of the municipalities and the inconveniences to the traffic, it is also a massive incentive to create more jobs in the city.”



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