Grace Legote Naturally Gifted Rhythmic Gymnast

“Naturally gifted,” are the words of coach, Tatian Lavrentchouk-Vizer, used to describe Grace Legote as she ‘Graces’ her way through her routines leading to the many successes in the 26-year olds career in rhythmic gymnastics.

Grace was scouted at the age of 11 and has since then assiduously worked towards competing in 5 world championships, with her highest placement being 55th in the 2013 World Championship.

In 2014 Grace was a member of South African Commonwealth Game team where she finished 10th in the individual all-round finals. She later took her flexibility and subtlety to the 2014 African Championships where she was not only awarded the all-round title, but received 3 gold medals and 1 silver medal in ball, clubs, ribbon and hoop subsequently.

Her dedication to the sport allowed her to continue to fly the south African flag high as she was ranked 5th at the International Rhythmic Meeting in Brazil.

Legote took her experience to the 2015, 2016 and 2018 Moscow Grand Prix where she finished in 31st, 33rd and an outstanding 26th place in the all-round respectively.

Grace is seen as an inspiration for not only South Africans but Africans as she is named South Africa and Africa’s top rhythmic gymnast. She wishes to coach and mentor young girls from her community into becoming professional gymnasts like herself.

We commend Grace’s resilience, hard work and passion for the sport.

PINKSTIG celebrates Grace Legote for reaching this milestone in her professional career and continues to explore and excel in the world of rhythmic gymnastics’ 


written by Taleah Edwards

Wits student Industrial Engineering

intern writer at UniMedia Pro

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  1. Lorina Simmonds says:

    Fantastic read. Grace is Passionate & Professional and her Grace filled Elegance is exuded in the writers ability to amplify her success story.

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