PINKSTIG recognises Hannah Maujean’s play in Touch Rugby

At 16 years old there is not a lot that Hannah Maujean cannot do! Hannah Maujean, a student at the Lady of Fatima school was chosen to represent South Africa at the Federation of International Touch (FIT) World Cup, which was hosted by Australia in 2015.

Her passion and commitment to sport has led to her being the youngest player in the mixed South African touch rugby team.

Hannah Maurej was born and resides in the the north of Durban, Kwazulu-Natal. She lives with both her parents who play an crucial role in ensuring Hannah’s success on the sports field, offering her both emotional and financial support as she tackles her way through her academic and sporting demands. “My parents are very supportive. Either both or one of them will always come to support me”, says Hannah.

Hannnah effortlessly showed off the skills she acquired on the Coffs Harbour playing fields in Australia. Her speed, footwork and confidence led to her success in the 2015 World Cup with her scoring a total of seven tries , placing her team in third position (in their pool).  Overall, South Africa was ranked eleventh out of the twenty two nations which competed for the Cup.  Being the youngest player on the team does not seem to affect Hannah’s confidence. She describes her team as her family and sees it as an opportunity to grow and learn from her team mates. When asked to comment on the age difference between her and her team mates hannah said, “they are very supportive and I also show them that I deserve to be here. It’s like we are one big family”. 

Hannah’s achievements serve as a reminder, not only to the youth, but also to the senior public of the positive correlation between commitment and success. Through sport she displays confidence, commitment and perseverance; attributes which the youth of South Africa should adopt when working towards achieving their goals.

PINKSTIG celebrates Hannah Maujean for reaching this milestone at the age of 16 and continues to recognise and cheer for South Africa’s young sportwomen.

written by Sameera Reid, Wits student Physiotherapy, intern writer at UniMedia Pro

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