Maria Teresa De Filippis Fearless

I’ve been inspired by many people in my life but only one type of car.
Fangio once told me that I drove too fast…and took to many risks in it.
But in those days, and in that car, I felt absolutely fearless.
For me, the feeling of driving a Maserati has been …one of the most constant sources of pleasures in my life.
And I have no doubt that it will be for you too.
I’m lucky enough to have spent the best part of my life racing …and driving what I believe to be the finest cars ever created.
I’m 88 years old now, old enough to admit that…I envy the road ahead that has just opened up before you.
So take it from someone who knows – the greatest kilometres are all ahead of you!
From Maria Teresa De Filippis (1926 – 2016)
The first woman to race in Formula One, for Maserati

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