Bakinam Osman Rahama’s story on water crises in Sudan

Bakinam Osman Rahama hails from Sudan, but has lived in Germany for several years. Due to her mom’s illness in Khartoum, she opted to come back home.

Her first requisite for her homecoming was to enjoy good, clean water in her own home. She explained in depth as to how she had to apply her engineering mind to rig up a tank at her block of apartments to ensure she always have water available and not to rely on the local water which could be cut at any time unannounced.

Bakinam speaks passionately about how from sorting out her own water in her environment, she together with a group of women tackled the ongoing water crisis in outlying towns in Sudan. She best expresses her understanding of how “WATER IS LIFE” in her national language of Arabic.

Beth’s articulation in English is really good  and she is an inspirational example of how women are solving problems by becoming active citizens in contributing to solving the issues in their cities. She further expresses her dislike for people who opt out by saying “it’s the governments problem”

She is one of the significant female voices at the sustainable summit as her agenda in attending was clear. Sudan has a water crisis and I will look to SA for better ways to improve it. We are using Chinese pipes of a very poor quality and have seen a solution in piping right here at the summit”

Through her and her group of women’s efforts, initiatives and resources, already more than 35 000 women are enjoying clean water in their homes.

She is currently on a huge funding drive to increase these numbers.


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