REGCOMS Charity Golf Day ‘Wish Upon a Star Foundation’

I personally can attest to the fact that cancer is something I have and will always be afraid of. It is one of those things that you know is around and could affect you or those around you at the snap of a finger.

With it being such a prevalent disease in the world today, it is something that we are constantly open to whether that be through the media, knowing people that have faced the disease or having faced it ourselves and so we all know how treacherous it can be.

So, knowing there are innocent children who have to face such a disease or anything the likes of cancer just breaks my heart and I’m sure many other people feel similar emotions when faced with this fact. Thus, it is so important that we as individuals make every effort possible to back and support any organisations that are working to improve or make a difference to the lives of any child suffering a terminal illness such as cancer.

For instance, Wish Upon A Star which is a foundation that sees the need in helping young individuals with critical or terminal illnesses from the age of three through eighteen by granting them the various wishes of their making. Their focus is on children who’s parents work for the South African Police Service or any other law enforcement agency in South Africa as these families are less likely or able to have the time and energy to perform such a task. By doing this, the organisation aims to create unforgettable experiences and leave the children with something to remember and brighten the remainder of their lives as well as to instil a new sense of joy, hope and strength in the diagnosed child and his/her family.

However Wish Upon A Star does not grant the wishes of countless children without the constant support and engagement of others and that is why I encourage anyone, who can, to get involved in any way possible as I can assure you that the rewards and happiness brought to these kids by doing so is worth every effort you put in.

Some of the ways in which you can get involved include: – In-kind donation whereby one can enhance the wishes being granted and ensure they are as memorable as can be through the donation of in-kind items or services. – Host a fundraising event with the Wish Upon A Star South Africa as the beneficiary as this will benefit the foundation greatly with exposure as well as funding. – I find that one of the most exciting ways to get involved with the foundation is with the Wish-Granter programme in which you can fulfil one of the children’s’ wishes and then be able to witness the beautiful and ever-so rewarding sight of that particular child’s wish being granted and their journey through it. – School involvement provides a rewarding opportunity for young individuals to work hand in hand towards the common goal of making a child’s wish come true and by doing so they will not only learn the importance of giving and teamwork but they will be rewarded spiritually. – Lastly, one could support the foundation with any type of Monetary Donation.

In conclusion, I want to stress the fact that any type of involvement with this organisation would literally change lives and in my opinion that is what life is genuinely about.

So if you are interested in getting involved in any way with Wish Upon A Star then check out their website and fill out their enquiry form for more information.

Upcoming REGCOMS Charity Golf Day at the Blue Valley Golf and Country Club on the 11th of May which is being hosted by Reggie Marimuthu and it is serving as a fundraising event for CANSA and of course Wish Upon A Star.

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