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Since the launch of the Yes4Youth campaign UniMedia has invited young bloggers to write and share their thoughts on this initiative by government and the private sector. The piece below is written by  Alexandra Warren Blogger from Cape Town.


As an individual that forms part of the SA youth wave, I can easily say that we are struggling. I see it all around me … I see countless faces plagued with stress, I hear the cries of depression and constant aches of longing for something more to flow through our veins.

This reality is leaving us in a state of complete and utter disability as we are outranked by the competitive and stressful nature of our economy. Trying to succeed within this economy may hinder our spirits, drive and mental health.

What is being done by the government to solve this problem?

Our government has recognised the extent of damage that youth unemployment is having on South Africa and has attempted to make a change and improve these conditions urgently. So YES (Youth Employment Service) was launched as a new coming social compact combining forces of government, business and labour.

How will YES work and change the problem of unemployment ?

With direction and support provided by the private sector, YES (Youth Employment Service) will encourage employment by businesses with incentives. This opportunity will provide us with chances of gaining first-hand work experience. Besides the eminent improvement of one’s employment chances, such an experience will offer plentiful mental benefits and allow us to overcome the mindset of self-victimization. It will also instil a newfound belief and motivation to live and strive for an empowered life.

President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa leading the yes4youth campaign

The introduction of the YES campaign may change the game for us and it has been brought about just in the knick of time. We are hungry for opportunities and have been waiting for something like YES to unleash our creativity. I am almost certain when the chance comes, people will finally see that we are riddled with passion-driven ideas and motivations that will not be found elsewhere.

I have always believed that our struggles in life are there to mould us into unique and better versions of ourselves and so after times of enduring the various hardships, I am positive that our efforts will be nothing but extraordinary when given the chance at success.

Thus, this campaign is so important as it is providing us with the opportunity to get that one foot in the door and prove that we deserve to get through that door entirely. I personally cannot wait to see the transformation YES will bring not only in our lives but to South Africa as a whole!

To find out more or get involved with YES go to: #YES #YES4YOUTHZA #SayYes #YouthEmployment #JobCreation #AFutureThatWorks #LetsCreateJobs

Article written by UniMedia Intern Writer and Blogger:  Lex Blogger

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Favourite quote: “What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable”Yes

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