Iran The Land of Four Seasons

Iran is a legendary land in the heart of the Middle East. The land of Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The land of peace and friendship, the land of various languages and dialects. The land of colours and seasons. The land of forests and deserts. The land of palaces and castles and the land of ceremonies and festivals.

Iran a land that boasts 21 World Heritage Sites as inscribed by UNESCO.

In recent years, tourism as an emerging industry has drawn a lot of attention from countries that traditionally would not think of Iran as a destination, but the secret is out. The advantages along with the richness and diversity of Iran’s tourist attractions have entailed the country to consider tourism as one of the priorities in economic development.

UniMedia had the opportunity to meet with the ambassador of Iran to South Africa, Mr Mohsen Movahhedi Ghomi and learn more about the celebration of Nowruz, a tradition that stems from ancient Persia.

Part of their Nowruz new year celebration in South Africa, was a performance by a Persian musical group Novak Ensemble. ‘Novak’ is an ancient Persian word,meaning ‘Pitch’. They performed classical music with very soothing sounds that enthralled the small community of Iranians living in SA, their guests and friends.

Cultural Consulate of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Mr. Shahrouz Falahat Pisheh

350 Cameron Street
Brooklyn, 0181
Tel: 012 346 3877

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