UniMedia Pro congratulates Rory McIlroy’s on his Victory at the Arnold Palmer Invitational

Rory McIlroy shot a scorching 8-under 64 in his final round, charged from behind and captured the Arnold Palmer Invitational at 18-under for his first victory since 2016. The highlight of his round was shooting a 64 against a charging field and fast greens.

Rory Mcllroy holds a special place with UniMedia Pro as he champions the cause of advancing women’s pro golf globally . During his last visit to South Africa, UniMedia Pro had the opportunity to meet with Rory, enjoy a light chat about his visit to South Africa, his support for women’s professional golf globally, women’s rights to play at any golf course of their choice and not be blocked due to history and tradition that some clubs still hold fast onto with their teeth.

Rory Mcllroy continues to inspire many kids to play competitively, and his core message to them is to play to their strengths and to play to represent something more than just oneself. It is with this attitude that Rory has become iconic to youth around the world. With his approachable demeanour he continuously motivates the youth with simple gestures as  pointing them out in crowds as he walks up to the next tee box during his first or final round….”Rory Roars whilst smiling at his young fans”

The world of golf celebrates the quality of player he is and more his attitude towards growing the game and walking with those who are still being exploited and marginalised by traditions and history.

UniMedia Pro congratulates and celebrates Rory McIlroy’s Victory today.



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