PEXMART Leaders in HDPE Pipes and Fittings

As with commercial and industrial industries major growth in a company in South Africa can often mirror itself in the cost spend on Industrial Contractors in the plastic pipe and fittings industries. The cost involved in plastic welding and installations of pipes both National and International have become very expensive.

PEXMART was formed to address these plastic pipe issues in the most cost effective way in South Africa and for the rest of Africa. With combined experience of over 30 years in the pipe area, their knowledge base, professionalism and the quality of workmanship has revolutionised the plastic pipe and fittings industries culture and raised the bar in operational standards.

PEXMART promotes strong relationships with communities in the surrounding areas in which it operates and assists with provision of water and sanitation. “The company’s values include skills development and social responsibility, creating meaningful investment in social and community development by involving local communities with projects. In the same spirit it ensures skills transfers resulting in more young people becoming employable.” says Andre van Rensburg (jnr) CEO PEXMART

Andre van Rensburg adds: “Part of PEXMART’s strategy is enjoying good relationships and associations with the leading pipe manufacturers in South Africa, giving us the opportunity to offer our customers the highest quality products available and access to the latest technology. Experience in the industry has taught us that customer service is of cardinal importance and a well-supervised, well-completed job is the best way of advertising the company.”

van Rensburg prides himself and his company’s  attitude: ” to continue to build and maintain our promise to provide integrated solutions combining product excellence, complete technical expertise and full customer service. We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers and end users have confidence in dealing with us.”

PEXMART specializes in thermoplastic welding & installations of diversified high performance range of Plastic Pipes and Fittings. Only piping manufactured according to SABS ISO 4427 standards & specifications are used. PEXMART manufactures pipe products for mining, agriculture, industrial and building & civil.

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Fax2email: 0866 720 721

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