“The internet has changed the way customers shop” Jason Cleghorn

Didie Makobane spoke with Jason Cleghorn, marketing director at Maserati South Africa at the Sun PinkStig Series about  Maserati.

There is no doubt that Maserati has become an iconic brand known for exclusivity, Italian design, performance and craftsmanship, but, says Cleghorn, to really stand out in the crowd and to keep clients coming back for more. The key to success is understanding the customer requirement.

This is especially important given the tough competition in the market, a stagnating economic climate and weakened exchange rate. As consumer pressure increases, clients search for vehicles that will give them the best return on their investments. This means that players in this segment simply have to know their customer better, he says.

“The internet has changed the way customers shop: By the time they step onto the showroom floor, they already know what is they are looking at, so it is about offering something that is unique and different, as well as knowing who it is that you are talking to.”  says Jason Cleghorn, Head of Marketing at Maserati South Africa.

“Our configurator allows prospects to personalize their choice of vehicle – so they can actually love their vehicle before they take delivery. Creating one-on-one experiences that delivers on, or better, exceeds the customer’s expectation of what a brand is, is key to success in this market,” concludes Cleghorn.

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