Bringing Digital Innovation into the Sport and Corporate Markets


UNIMEDIA PRO prides itself in calling on the most innovative and creative personalities to produce content ranging from research and publications, corporate engagement and branding, FUZZ around lifestyle and entertainment, finding the MIDDLE GROUND around sporting opportunities,  steering up talk around matters of health and fitness to choice of dress for the evening out.

We develop concepts from pitch level through to producing the entire event or campaign.

On edge to commercial ideas can be created from page to production. UniMedia Pro operates in a space of constant demand and expansion, in addition  bringing creativity and digital innovation to the sport and corporate markets.

UniMedia Production is a Johannesburg based management consultancy and multi-media production company.  Our team, consists of seasoned and seriously experienced individuals, ranging from full scale media production operations and hosting; legal and financial advisory services, hospitality industry experts; professional golfers, entrepreneurship, life coaching and mentorship. This mixture of a powerful, dynamic syndicate of personalities makes for a formidable combination of ideas, pragmatic management, representation and results.

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