Tandi Mccallum takes a swing at the Sun Central

Tandi Mccallum holds a very special place in the heart of the PinkStig movement and brand of women’s pro golf, when she won the inaugural of the PinkStig Invitational 2016. This she achieved on the eve of the induction of Sally Little into the SA Hall of Fame, powered by Samsung located at Sun City.

Tandi Mccallum continued to participate in the Sun PinkStig Series in 2017. At the Parkview Golf Club leg of the Series she earned for herself a sole 6th position and at the Finale at Sun City tied in 8th position.

One of her highlights of the Sun PinkStig Finale was her interview at the SA Hall of Fame, revisiting the photo gallery of the Sally Little’s induction and also getting an opportunity to test her swing in the golf simulator.

The SA Hall of Fame at Sun Central is a state-of-the-art interactive exhibition that celebrates the achievements of South Africa’s legends. But it’s not just their talents, skills and successes on show here. It’s how they helped shape the South African story that will inspire you and dare you to dream. “

As South Africa’s story unfolds, the Hall of Fame will develop new activities to keep everyone entertained.

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