@Paint ‘Emotions of Colour at Sun PinkStig Finale’

@Paint is a manufacturer of world class pigments, specialised paint products and powder tints. Having simplified the way in which paint and colourant are manufactured and sold in the market.  @Paint are a proudly South African Company which believe strongly in the upliftment of their community and supporting local businesses.  The company focuses on Retail & Commercial Paint Manufacturing.

@Paint works with Khuphula Pigments, which  is a  company specializing in the manufacturing of spray dried organic and inorganic pigments for paint, coating and other applications. Creating new job opportunities and empowering entrepreneurs in manufacturing!

Colour Mix, the tinting system resulted in even greater ease to retailers and consumers in terms of choice of colour, affordability and hassle free decentralised manufacturing without expensive equipment. Khuphula is dedicated to developing, converting, drying and producing superfast performance organic and inorganic dispersible pigments, colorants, chemical intermediaries and specialised products. Focused areas: Franchising and retail.

@Paint works with Khuphula Pigments are directly connected with Swisasekile Services, which  is a Professional Engineering company specialising in Civil, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Design, detailing, certification, project quantity surveying and project management are only some of the main elemental services offered by the Company.

Combined intellectual Consultancy and Construction experience and expertise equates to 70 years within the Engineering environment, through the different companies, different Shareholders and Employees. The word Swisasekile originates from an African Tsonga word and translates to the saying “We have arrived”, and in essence the definition speaks for itself, emphasising the positive impact that the Swisasekile Service and Engineering Team has on all its projects.

Success and Client satisfaction is the main driving force behind our services to our Client database. Khuphula Pigments, @Paint and Swisasekile Services are proudly associated with the Sun PinkStig Finale, which will be taking place at Sun City from the 4th to 6th December 2017. 

C/O Hofmeyer & Union Street
Vereeniging, Gauteng
Call 016 422 7473

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