Neal Herman brings Max Golf Protein to Sun PinkStig Finale

PinkStig Pro Tijana Kraljevic met with Neal Herman for a coffee at Doppio Zero in Greenside, a suburb in Johannesburg to learn more about the Max Golf Protein .

Tijana: This is so exciting meeting a fellow golfer and an entrepreneur. Thank you Neal for accepting my invite to chat about you and the Max Golf Protein that you sponsoring for the players at the Sun PinkStig Finale taking place at Sun City from the 4th – 6th December 2017.

So Neal tell me more about your early childhood and how golf found you?

Neal: ” I grew up on the golf course, from sitting on my dad’s lap on the golf cart, having my own toy set of clubs to eventually owning my own set.  I started as a very average golfer in my younger days and it really never became a passion of mine until after living in the UK for a while,then returning back to SA and after two years that my dad convinced me to use my talent and try my hand at golf. ”

Tijana: What was it like playing as a junior and eventually making your way to Q school?

Neal: “It was daunting at first, but as each year past I improved by game until I saw the potential in myself to be a good golfer. It was after spending 5 years playing as an amateur golfer that I decided to give Q school a bash. I managed to finish in the top 30 and my journey to the professional game had now begun. Being very excited and realizing how daunting it would be I was prepared to give my best shot.”

Tijana: Q school can be quite frightening without the right preparation and training from back home. Then you started your professional career in South Africa. What was it like?

Neal: “My first year was a real struggle. Mentally and physically and a bit technical.  However I learnt a lot and have no regrets. Second year came and my game went South and the struggles began.”

Tijana: I can absolutely relate to that experience and from my point of view. It can have a massive impact on one’s confidence and love for the game. So suddenly you found yourself in Zambia and then what happened?

Neal: “Yes Tijana preparations for the big golfing stage takes time to settle in, but it was when I went to Zambia for an event that I saw a Swedish pro with a Max Golf Protein bar in his hand. I’ve not always been discipline in my health and fitness and would often neglect my nutrition on the course. When I eventually ate a Max Golf Protein bar, I was instantly hooked and realized this is a game changer. I google searched more about the protein bar and eventually sent an email to the guys who founded the product and enquired about bringing it into the SA market. Emails back and forth. These guys  were super keen to work with me and so I decided I’ll take it on and become the official distributer here in South Africa. Months of planning and logistics, I finally got the product over to South Africa. Now my aim is  to take all golfers nutrition to the max.”

Tijana: I personally have always been a fitness freak and love the feeling of enjoying a good diet and I draw so much inner and physical strength from it. More importantly for my game, that I am able to play at optimal level all the time irrespective of the result. So now the Max Golf Protein bar arrives in South Africa and players are beginning to enjoy the bar. Tell me more about the make – up of the protein bar?

Neal: “The product is Uk based and manufactured in Holland. The bars are made from natural ingredients and is 100% organic. Its packed with 11g of protein. This is the perfect snack for the course, long lasting, delicious and dairy free. This bar will not melt in your bag. No better product to snack on the course.”

Tijana: Why do you feel so confident that the SA golfer or athlete in general will derive great benefit from this product?

Neal: “Being a professional golfer and realizing how important nutrition is and believe me I’ve tried many different bars and this is for me the best. Long lasting taste and delicious with zero after taste and is totally organic. With todays food allergies and tolerants this bar ticks all boxes.”

“For a golfer snacking on this bar is the perfect long lasting bar. You need to keep two in your bag per round and thats if you really hungry. This bar is perfect to take a bite and keep you going for 3-6 holes and then re using it keeping you full till the 19th hole. ”

Tijana: Wow thats crazy Neal! I need to order my Max Golf Protein bar. Finally what is your vision with this product?

Neal: “The vision is to educate golfers about good nutrition and that a healthy snack can take your golf to the max. Its Long lasting energy. ”

The players will be enjoying a Max Golf Protein Bar while competing at theSun PinkStig Finale for a purse of R250 000. The  event takes place at Sun City from the 4th – 6th December and will be played on the Lost City and Gary Player Golf Courses.

For more info on the Max Golf Protein Bar contact: Neal Herman

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