Binal Naran Chats about Paane ‘A Life Changer’

Players and guests will be enjoying the Paane drink at the Sun PinkStig Finale taking place from the 4th – 6th December 2017 at Sun City. The finale is in association with Sun International and Maserati.

UniMedia had a chat to Binal Naran and got her insight and experience when her parents discovered the water.

  1. What was the atmosphere like when your parents finally discovered the water and can you recall your personal experience of it?

When we first discovered the place and the water it was just incredible, it came at a time when we needed it most. For my brother and I, we were just determined and invested in making it work for our parents, we knew how important it was to them. I knew there had to be something special about Heidelberg because it is home to many major water bottling plants. However I can’t describe the sense of euphoria we felt when we received the test results after the first pull of the borehole, we knew we had something amazing on our hands.

  1. How was the adjustment for you coming from Durban to live in Heidelberg?

Honestly, I didn’t live on the farm for very long, I was studying in Pretoria and later working in JHB and Dubai. But I remember the initial months when my brother and I moved up to set everything up, I absolutely loved it. It’s the simple life, a very different pace to city life.

  1. What was the first things you noticed that changed for your parents when they finally discovered the water?

I think the first thing I noticed that changed was the fact that they had a new lease on life, a purpose, to educate people and share this “liquid gold” with the world. I was so proud, I’ve never seen them so passionate about something before. Their passion was infectious, we all began to live, eat, breathe Paane ‘water’.

  1. How has the water benefitted you?

I only drink Paane now. I have a standard order delivered to my house every 2 weeks. Personally I find that Paane has a distinct taste so I find it difficult to drink tap or other bottled water. Since my parents started the business, I have definitely increased my daily water intake, as a result I rarely drink soft drinks and juices. I feel now that my hair and skin have never felt better and I just have more energy.


  1. Recall some experiences shared by others who have been drinking the water?

I know of a few customers in Durban have issued testimonials that their overall health has improved, blood sugar levels. Many of our customers are loyal customers and swear by the brand.

  1. Do you think the water flow is simply a natural course of nature or do you see the divine hand in it especially with the knowledge that your parents are the first beneficiaries of it.

I can’t say whether it’s the natural course of nature or it is the result of divine intervention. What I can say is that my parents are extremely fortunate to be the first beneficiaries of it. It is now our purpose to inform, educate and share this with everyone so that they are able to understand the realities of the current water situation and how beneficial Paane would be for them.

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  1. Rokeya says:

    Yes that’s the water to drink have been drinking paane n just love the taste. Myhusband as well we are addicted to PAANE

  2. Jaco says:

    I have personally seen and experienced the process of them filtering and bottling the water and can assure that everything is from top quality, from the staff to the machinery and everyone is extremely proud of the product which they are producing. And not to mention the product itself, it is by far the best quality water I have had in South Africa. Well done Paane

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