Hytera Communications Rallies behind SANDF Education Trust

Hytera has always been active and passionate in contributing towards social responsibility in various countries. “We did all we can to aid and support Mozambique, Angola, Nepal, and Mexico when they had disasters such as earthquakes. When we learned about the Chief’s SANDF Education Trust and its honourable aim, we decided to  support and contribute as it shares the same value which Hytera advocates ” to make the home we live a better and safer place with critical communications”. 

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It is our great honor to participate and sponsor this honorable event of the SANDF Education Trust. In order to support our partners and market better, Hytera Communications established our South African subsidiary in 2016.

China has an old saying. “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

Since SA Hytera was established last year, Hytera’s sole purpose here is to transfer skills and knowledge related to mission critical communications to South African customers and partners. Besides the Chinese team, we have also built a local one who understands the culture and could support the market better. So far we have done 40 training sessions in this year, which I trust has greatly improved the know how and capability of their knowledge of mission critical communications like DMR, TETRA, LTE etc. and they will spread and deliver such capability to more people and create more job opportunity. So we are teaching people how to fish here.

In recent years, Hytera has developed and launched a number of new innovative products and solutions for mission critical user, thanks to the annual investment of 15% sales revenue into R&D. In this year we launched a number of game changer solutions:

  1. Narrow Band and broadband convergent solution, which converges the advantages and benefits of narrowband technology like DMR, TETRA as critical voice and Broadband like LTE as data application, Hytera provides full solution related to these technologies.
  2. Self-networking device Epack enables the user to build an instant and emergent critical communications network without the necessity of having sites, links, power supplier (the built-in battery supports 6-8 hours working) . It is based on DMR technology.
  3. MESH Solution, users can use it to transmit real time on site video and voice information back to the control center etc.

All these solutions and technologies give an edge over our competitors in the market.

Chief Shoke ‘SANDF Education Trust’

The lessons we learn in trading in South Africa:

Cooperation with local partners instead of competition

Hytera believes a successful business model is based on cooperation, mutual interest, mutual respect and support. With the increasing complexity of technology and challenges, no one can satisfy our customers by their single strength, we might need two, three or even more parties to work together and contribute their experience and knowledge on a project so as to achieve the final success.

Service and Support

Service is required everywhere and people have a strong demand for high quality service. We have been thinking about and finding ways on how to make our customers understand the technologies better, How to deliver faster, how to turn their requirements into the solution and how to best achieve customer satisfaction.

We believe R&D (research and development) investment into the industry is very essential for the sustainability and healthy development which South African businesses should learn. In China, R&D accounts for 2.07% of GDP in 2016, and China wants to boost it to 2.5% by 2020. The reason that Hytera could make rapid growth with around 46% CARG is the heavy R&D investment. We invest about 15% of the revenue into software and hardware development year by year, this is why Hytera is one of the few companies in the world who can supply total solution based on TETRA, DMR, LTE, Analog technologies as well as applications.

Hytera has a mentoring system by which  experienced employees will be designated to be the mentor of new employee who just joins the company. The mentor will be responsible for their learning of skills, knowledge and other matters in order for new people to familiarize themselves with the new job. The mentoring may last for 3-6 months.


Hytera Communications Corporation Limited is a leading global provider of innovative Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) communications solutions that improve organizational efficiency and make the world safer. Established in 1993 in Shenzhen, China, Hytera is the second-largest PMR provider in the world, the world’s fastest-growing PMR solution provider, and the world’s #1 DMR Tier III Trunking provider.

Following the Sepura acquisition, Hytera has around 8,000 personnel serving customers in 120 countries and regions, including governmental organizations, public security institutions, and customers in utilities, transportation, oil & gas and other sectors. Around 40% of Hytera’s personnel are engaged in engineering, research and development, and product design across 8 R&D centres.

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