In Sight of the Sun PinkStig Series Title

The Sun Pink Stig Series is underway and it has been an extraordinary event so far. Although the weather conditions were a bit of a challenge on the first day, our phenomenal lady pro golf players did an exceptional job and are looking forward to the rest of the event.

We got some comments from a few of the players who are in the lead at the moment, and this is what they had to say about their first round and what they are anticipating going into their rounds.

Tandi Mc Callum

“I enjoyed yesterday, it was a great fun day out on the golf course. With regards to how I played, I feel like I could have hit the ball a little bit better because the long swing, which is normally my strongest aspect, let me down a little bit. As you know Parkview is quite a narrow course so you want to make sure you keep it in the fairways to do it in the right place, which I did not do two or three times, therefore resulting in bogeys; however I did make three really good birdies, putter was solid, short game was tidy so I was happy with that. I think the course will be a little bit firmer compared to yesterday, so I’m expecting it to be a bit more trickier around the greens, but I’m expecting to have a lot of fun today.”

Ivanna Samu

“I had quite an up and down day yesterday, I started off a bit rough, started off with two drops, then luckily made it back quickly with two birdies. I felt like I wasn’t hitting the ball as great as I wanted to but hopefully today will go a lot better. I am feeling a lot more confident going into today, the wind has calmed down considering that the conditions were very tough yesterday with the wind and the greens firmed up a bit. But today is an awesome day and we thank God for giving us this awesome day!”

Nobuhle Dlamini

“”Yesterday I had a fun round with the amateurs, unfortunately the game wasn’t so good, but it’s not looking too bad on the score board- I’m only two shots back. I am looking forward to today, I’ve had a good warm up and I’m hoping for a good day.”

Nicole Garcia

“We played the first round of the Sun Pink Stig Series yesterday and it was a bit windy out there, but I managed to put a score together and today the weather looks a bit better so hopefully I’ll go low.”

Amongst these leading ladies are Yolanda Duma, Michelle Leigh, Francesca Cutiri and Melissa Eaton whom we are routing for you and wish all the best to! Seeing that the weather is on their side today, we are looking forward to witnessing the magic that we know them to be made of.

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