Part Two: The Black Knight ‘ Women’s Golf a Tsunami Coming’

Eighteen months ago when ‘The Black Knight’  introduced Sally Little to Dhiren Mehta at the Gary Player Invitational 2015 at Sun City, little did we know a Tsunami was on the rise. After much conversation Dhiren proposed that Sally’s story be written.

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA – Dhiren Mehta, Co-Founder of UniMedia Pro, Sally Little, Patricia de Lille, Executive Mayor of Cape Town, Zahira Hansa, Co-Founder of UniMedia Pro during the Launch of “Capturing the Fire” –

On the 2nd August 2016 UniMedia launched Sally Little’s book, ‘Capturing the Fire’ and the momentous occasion was complimented at a dinner book launch at the Sun Table Bay Hotel, Cape Town with Mayor Patricia De Lille as the main speaker, being a golfer herself.

At the dinner via video presentation, Gary Player commended Sally Little’s professional career and applauded her for putting so much effort into growing the game among the young ladies. He also went on to highlight the importance of corporate supporting Sally Little and women’s professional golf in South Africa.

Interview with Gary Player on the career of Sally Little at the Nedbank Golf Challenge 2015

The spin off of that first meeting between Gary Player, Dhiren Mehta and Sally Little were, that Gary agreed to write the forward to Sally Little’s book, he agreed on an exclusive interview with UniMedia on the life of Sally and looking into the issues of women’s golf and what it needed to boost its position in the world of golf and finally a comment he made in that interview that became the wind in the sail of UniMedia to go on and become promoters alongside the Sunshine Ladies Tour.

The Black Knight said: ” Women’s golf is like a Tsunami coming”.

Soon after, Sun International raised their hand and expressed their intent to walk this journey with UniMedia and see the realization and the relaunch of Sally Little’s legacy. Sun International later invited UniMedia and Sally Little to the Springboks 95 induction into the SA Hall of Fame. Sally Little was invited as an honorary guest to that function.

While all the energy was directed towards Francois Pienaar and his men, Rob Collins of Sun International acknowledged all the great sportsmen in attendance and went on saying: ” as much as we celebrate the successes of our men on the rugby field, we also have amongst us a legend that has walked the road to stardom quietly and alone, without any fuss. She is known to be a shy character. She deserves to be celebrated and I want to acknowledge her tonight; LADIES AND GENTLEMEN SALLY LITTLE.”

Sally Little inducted into the SA Hall of Fame powered by Samsung

Fast forward to the 28th November 2016 after the PinkStig Invitational, Sun International and SA Hall of Fame, powered by Samsung,inducted Sally Little into the SA Hall of Fame. The words of Rob Collins had come full circle and no surprise that it all took place at Sun City at the Sun International Conference Centre’s Warrior Hall.

The impact of these series of events with Gary Player and Sun International drew much attention from the corporate as well as from the custodians of professional golf in South Africa’s ‘Sunshine Tour’.

In meetings with the Sunshine Tour

A series of meetings would follow with the Sunshine Tour executives in the wake of seeing UniMedia launching the PinkStig Invitational. The success of the PinkStig Invitational which took place on the 28th November 2016 at Sun City became evident that the PinkStig movement and women’s golfing brand would only grow in stature and popularity.

In one of the meetings held at the Sunshine Tour’s office, Grant Wilson, Chief Operating Officer of the Sunshine Ladies Tour and the UniMedia team would go on to exchange ideas on how the PinkStig brand of women’s professional golf could be seen as an added value to the existing Sunshine Ladies Tour.

Grant Wilson reminded UniMedia, that women’s golf is on the rise globally and that South Africa has to catch up quickly. Drawing knowledge from the leading continents in women’s golf, it became clear that more tournaments and an increase in prize monies are required.

Collaboration is the new buzz word in business and we are putting power to word, and power to action! The tsunami has been named, PinkStig.

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