Part One: UniMedia’s Footprint in Women’s Pro Golf SA

Already in the last eighteen months UniMedia has been instrumental in writing and publishing Sally Little’s book ‘Capturing the Fire’ as well as launching  The Sun Pinkstig series as an addition to the existing SUNSHINE LADIES TOUR in South Africa. The SUN PINKSTIG SERIES  will be taking place on the 17th – 18th October at Parkview golf Club and then the finale of the year on the 4th – 6th December 2017 at Sun City. These events hold a prize money of R350 000 and will allow for the players to re-step into their competitive modes before the SLT season begins in January 2018.

The journey of women’s pro golf and its narrative began with UniMedia’s innovative approach of bringing the legend and the champion of the game together in one space. This was achieved with the launch of the Little Pace Challenge which took place at the immaculate Pearl Valley Golf Club on the 2nd of August 2016, whereby  legend, Sally Little, and SA Champ, Lee-Ann Pace, were officially brought together for the very first time.


UniMedia realized the vast gap between the present and past champs of golf and that the current game had not yet dealt with its own past, which was overshadowed with player discrimination, lack of funding and tournaments, no cohesion between professionals of past and the current game . To further add to this list, UniMedia also had to deal with past baggage of money and tournament hosts mismanaging monies that resulted in SA becoming a waste land in women’s professional golf.

It has only been since the Sunshine Ladies Tour was set up in 2013 that some momentum was regained. “ The return of this prestigious championship to the circuit after an absence of seven years emphasizes the growing footprint and the sustainability of the Sunshine Ladies Tour. It is companies such as Investec who have stepped forward to support the Sunshine Ladies Tour, similarly sharing the same vision that has allowed for the tour to take shape in the state it is today. ” said Sunshine Tour chief executive Selwyn Nathan.

Executive Director of Investec Property Robin Magid said: ‘We have a proud history of supporting women’s sport in South Africa and the Sunshine Ladies Tour has exceeded even our own expectations in the last three years.

On the eve of the Sun Pinkstig Series, the Sunshine Ladies Tour can yet again reflect on the strife and small wins over the past four years and now seeing initiatives such as UniMedia/PinKStig emerge and add further value to South Africa women’s professional golfing calendar.

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