Interview with the GM of Army Foundation – Mr. Ramphele

Mr Angel Ramphele, General Manager SA Army Foundation begins by stating that: “the SA Army Foundation is an ardent supporter of all projects involving the SANDF. Being the largest services fund serving the largest service in the SANDF, it is our duty to ensure that our members see and feel our presence throughout their daily lives, at work, on the field, at leisure and certainly, on the golf course.”

Q: With women’s golf taking centre stage globally, we in SA are at a loss for female golf role models. How can corporate play a part in integrating the amateurs into this role?

Mr. Ramphele: It is important that women across all sectors and sporting codes are developed and supported. We have seen, within the defence force, real efforts to promote women and encourage them as equally capable. With golf days such as this, we believe it is an opportunity for corporate to identify the interest and skills that women in their environment have towards this sport, and further develop it by offering training and sending them out to represent them on days like the upcoming ladies golf day.

Q: With the SANDF focused on human relationships and the attention on addressing women in a male dominated industry…. what is the vision in establishing a relationship between the SANDF and corporate?

Mr. Ramphele: Factually speaking, within Africa, corporate society owes a great deal to the SANDF, because, as Gen Shoke always says, without peace and stability in any country, there can be no economic growth. The work that the SANDF does in peace keeping mission on the continent opens up channels for trade and industrial growth. The economies of African countries depend on stability and corporate Africa can only thrive when there is peace. Whether or not they will admit it, the private sector is inherently dependent on the SANDF and should, by all means, from a patriotic perspective and for simple gratitude, be doing more to support the projects, efforts and causes of the SANDF.

Q: Our youth needs to be empowered through the strongest tool – education. Today’s golf day is to raise funds for the Education Trust at SANDF. Other than class room education being provided and supporting the Education Trust, how else can corporate get involved to ensure a new generation of leaders come through, knowing one of their parents died in the call of duty. What more can we do for these families?

Mr. Ramphele: Mentoring programmes, skills development programmes and learnership within the private sector would be some good initiatives that can be established to help these children not only learn but also gain skills and get job opportunities.

Q: As we are nearing the end of the celebration of Women’s Month…. the theme this year has been “Be bold for Change” how was this interpreted in your organization and how can these learnings be shared with the women at SANDF? Your message for Women’s Month?

In our organisation, we acknowledge and encourage leadership in women staff members. Our management team is made up primarily of women. Women are strong leaders, they are community builders and they are the glue that holds us all together, in the family, at work. It is important that they are acknowledged and given the platforms to thrive.

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