Interview with Dr. Anna Mokgokong ‘SANDF Ladies Golf’

Dr. Anna Mokgokong
B Sc, MB ChB, D Comm (hc)
Honorary Consul General of Iceland in Pretoria
Group Executive Chairperson

Dr. Mokgokong is a co-founder and Executive Chairperson of Community Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd., a well renowned business figure in South Africa and globally with widespread experience in Healthcare, Academia and Commerce.

She is recognized as a Senior Director of Companies on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange as she serves on five listed companies namely: Non-executive Chairperson of Afrocentric Investment Corporation, Rebosis Property Fund Limited and Jasco Electronics Holdings Limited and non-executive Director of Companies and first female Director of Shoprite Holdings Limited the largest retailer in Africa as well as Adcock Ingram Holdings Limited, a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer. She also serves on numerous non-listed entities.

She has received numerous local and international accolades as a Community and Business leader, including SA Businesswoman of the Year (1999) and one of the Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World (1998).  She has served in numerous councils of academic institutions as well as civil society commissions such as The Independent Commission for Remuneration of Public Office Bearers, where she was appointed as Deputy Chairperson by the former President Mr. Thabo Mbeki (from 2004 – 2009); She was also a Commissioner of the Interim National Defence Force Commission (SANDF) (from 2009 – 2013).

Questions to Dr. Anna Mokgokong

1.) Why choose to sponsor women’s golf particularly the SANDF?

I do not play golf as do not have the time but am always willing to support and sponsor women initiatives especially when it is about uplifting and empowering women.

2.) With the SANDF focused on human relationships and the attention on addressing women in a male dominated industry…. what is the vision in establishing a relationship between the
SANDF and corporate?

I have a history with the SANDF as I served as a commissioner on the Defence Force. I was extensively involved in the gender issue and understand the challenges at the SANDF. I am still committed to uplift and develop skills for women. We also need to create more awareness around the good work being done at SANDF. There is a general lack of appreciation at national level and we need to raise
awareness of their plight to the broader community. Days such as this golf day is necessary as we have a strong presence of corporate women attending. We need to engage with these corporates to further raise awareness.

General Shoke SANDF and ladies ready to tee off

3.) Our youth needs to be empowered through the strongest tool – education. Today’s golf day is to raise funds for the Education Trust at SANDF. Other than class room education being provided and supporting the Education Trust, how else can corporate get involved to ensure a new generation of leaders come through, knowing one of their parents died in the call of duty. What more can we do for these families?

It is very important that we offer programmes to ensure job opportunities even within the SANDF. For example, reserving a set amount of jobs for these students that benefitted from  The Education Trust.

4.) As we are nearing the end of the celebration of Women’s Month…. the theme this year has been “Be bold for Change” how was this interpreted in your organization and how can these
learnings be shared with the women at SANDF? Your message for Women’s Month?

We should stick to the same theme and continue to be bolder. Let us not lose the title but continue to change South Africa. This is a month for us to have taken the time to reflect as women of the tasks ahead of us and to continue to look at ways of upliftment.

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