Reverend Centra on spirit of philanthropy and business

Dhiren Mehta, CEO of Unicore Holdings and Zahira Mehta, CEO of UniMedia demonstrated that philanthropy and business goes hand in hand on Nelson Mandela Day when they gifted 54 wheelchairs to the disabled community in the North West Province.
Reverend Centra of Centra Social Development Foundation sing their praises by extending their appreciation and vote of thanks when they recently followed through on the well being of the wheelchair recipients. “We are truly inspired by the fact that there are organisations and indeed individuals like yourselves who work tirelessly to facilitate so much. Even though our efforts are a far cry of the actual needs, the little good that we have done has certainly resonated much positivity and encouragement in the community. I hope your generosity gives you as much joy as it did to the recipients. In our sector, satisfaction is derived from seeing the joy of others receiving. I can report that our beneficiaries were very appreciative of the gifts received on the 15th July, a true God-send.”
Zahira Hansa CEO UniMedia (right)
In many feeds we have been reading on social media the question has been raised as to how are we further making a difference each day after Nelson Mandela day? We believe the consciousness of a nation has been born and leaders in business such as Unicore and UniMedia amongst many other individuals and organisations have responded. To further echo Reverend Centra’s sentiment she continues “I thank you for making a difference and blessing someone’s life. May I encourage you to continue in the spirit of giving to make South Africa a better place.”

written by Rayana Edwards UniMedia

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