Leads 2 Business Golf Day Soars Onwards

The Leads 2 Business has put up a grand show for its clients, partners and associates at their annual golf day. There were of everything one could imagine, from an Audi Q2 hanging off cables linked to a Marlboro sponsored crane to  Construction Computer Software (PTY) LTD commentating on the first tee box with a couple of laughters and shooters as the golfers teed up.

One of the highlights of the day was the buzz and excitement as the teams  went out to play with families and couples roaming the course visiting each others water holes and sharing some lighter moments together outside of the office.

New business relations were forged on ideas and strategies during the course of the day as the companies cautioned against a new wave of challenges  brought about  by the political and economical climate in South Africa.

The day was not short of some great golf too with PinkStig Pro Tijana Kraljevic showing off some real skill with her irons and she also stated: “I am so excited seeing more and more women on the course at these corporate golf days. Business is a partnership and golf is a great medium to develop trust and leadership skills.”

CEO Victor Terblanche Leads 2 Business applauded everyone’s commitment and contribution to making the day special for everyone that participated. He  believes that the camaraderie seen between each other is the receipt for much of the success enjoyed at Leads 2 Business and its clients and partners.”

The evening ceremonies were conducted by the legendary Protea bowler Fanie De Villiers. He conducted proceedings with much humour and insights to what was achieved at the day’s event. The main feature on the night was the plight of the African Rhino and considerable money was raised to support and combat against Rhino pouches. A moving speech and presentation was conducted by both Sgt Anton Mzimba and Bryan Havemann.

Clearly the greater corporate community who loves their hunting in the bush locally takes great pride in the knowledge that the Rhino is part of the South Africa pride and would do what ever it takes to preserve its existence and continue to enjoy lazing around under the African sun. The evening ended with the prize giving and coupled many fantastic gifts to every player including flowers to all the ladies who braved the course.

In the end it was Barnard Kor, Piet Connell, Kevin Smith and Graig McCree who took the honours and bragging rights.

Leads 2 Business   continues to express its gratitude to all that participated and look forward to making the second half of the business year even more prosperous.

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