Leads 2 Business Operating from Mars

 Fanie de Villiers also known as “vinnige Fanie” in his cricket days as swing bowler makes use of his experience as a sportsman, international team player, a corporate speaker and businessman to illustrate the pertinent points of the acronym PEAK – Passion, Enthusiasm, Attitude, Knowledge – to ensure success.

After  a lengthy conversation with Fanie regarding the Leads 2 Business golf day and him emceeing  at the event 2 years consecutively, I was curious. Why Leads 2 Business? What draws his attention to the company and what separates them from others in their industry? How does he see the company moving through a very challenging period in South Africa?

To summarize his ideas and insights to the aforementioned questions:

Leads 2 Business is a company that is on top of everything. In a time when companies are concerned about the future and the word recession weighs heavily on our hearts and minds, it is encouraging to see how this company has developed a business model for the future. As the name itself indicates; ‘Leads 2 Business’it is already an enabling tool essential to each company.Their subscribers stay informed  and updated and even get nudged along the way to ensure their inputs meet the necessary criteria and more.

A strong sentiment echoed by a few companies noted that their follow ups is what set them apart. As in the game of golf, the follow through is key. With the 12th golf day event taking place on the 4th July at Randpark Golf Course the collaboration with other companies to contribute to the Timbavati Wildlife Protection Program (TWPP)goes a long way in conserving and protecting our rhinos.

Fanie outlined the importance of the processes needed to ensure maximum performance with the real impact being created in understanding of these processes and its implementation thereof. Processes are easily created but not necessarily understood. He gave an example of how you need to perform at 50 processes higher when competing internationally. He refers to this as an evolving process and beyond the norm! Leads2 Business is this company operating within the construction industry, way beyond the norm with this evolving process into the future.

Knowledge is key but applied knowledge is power!

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