The PinkStig Friendship Classic Social League

The PinkStig Friendship Classic takes place on Tuesday 4th July 2017 at Blue Valley Golf Estate at 11 am and invites you to join the social league. PinkStig has passionately created platforms for dialogue, collaboration and participation to appease the growing interest of women’s golf and more so corporate curiosity.

“The tide is changing fast in the culture of South African golf with its new face taking on a new golfing trend with a touch of pink.” says CEO UniMedia Zahira Hansa

At our forefront strategy, we intend to make the game more accessible to the ladies who show natural talent and demonstrate the appetite to be champions. The PinkStig Friendship Classic, currently in its infancy stage, is designed by UniMedia to support players who want to make the game more friendlier and accessible to women and youth and build friendships across culture and gender lines.

Rob Green Real promotions and Richard Booth Sun International Media standing with some of the lady Pros

UniMedia continues to invest in women’s professional golf after it successfully managed to navigate itself through the rough terrain of SA traditional golf and has positioned itself so to absorb the interest generated through the PinkStig Invitational 2016 and which will continue in mid August during Women’s month for it’s 2017 season.

Dhiren Mehta co founder and visionary of UniMedia says: “The PinkStig Friendship Classic is every golfer’s opportunity to experience play at whatever level, without being intimidated by the magnitude of the sport and more so inviting the player to tap into the philosophy of the game and translating it into ones life.” 

​Join the PinkStig Friendship Classic who is set up to gain traction in support of our future women professional golfers with the vision to create more competition in South Africa.

Some of the benefits;

·         PinkStig Golfers Memberships

·         Mentorship by pro female golfers

·         qualify for golfing getaway experiences

·         Loyalty Card to afford you some amazing gifts

Join the PinkStig Movement by signing up for THE PINKSTIG FRIENDSHIP CLASSIC SOCIAL LEAGUE

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