UniMedia congratulates Sari For Change at Torino Fashion Week in Italy

UniMedia congratulates Sari For Change as they take their collection to Torino Fashion Week in Italy from the 28 June – 3 July 2017. The Mission of Torino Fashion Week is to  introduce to the fashion industry, retail buyers, shoppers, and modest dressing women to a talented group of sacred economy designers.

The Motto: Together we can make a difference!

UniMedia has been sourcing products from Sari For Change for its golfing events since its inception. UniMedia supported their initiative as it looked for a different look and feel behind the “goody bag” concept at golfing events.

Their goody bags, book bags and clothing covers has been a part of our events offering from Sally Little’s book launch to our inaugural PinkStig event at Sun City.

Showcasing their concept by using sustainable fabrics such as their vintage saris, whilst creating opportunities in business for women in this industry is aligned to the UniMedia and PinkStig brand.

Tijana Kraljevic poses in a Sari for Change Caftan with Mikaela Oosthuizen at the Little Pace Challenge

Our inclusion of entrepreneurs working in new spaces proves that it is possible to link entrepreneurship and golf, particularly women’s golf. In a competitive market where branding is key, the association of small brands breaking into international markets is becoming more attainable in the digital space.

We applaud Sari For Change for taking this initiative and wish them well in Italy. We look forward to their next range of products at our upcoming events.



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