Woodhill Golf Club Signs with 1MARK

Woodhill Golf Club hosted its Corporate Golf Challenge with the objective to spoil it’s clients with their new catering partner ‘SUMMIT’ showcasing its new diverse, delicious and nutritionally balanced meals and cuisines from around the world.

Woodhill Golf Club

The club also signalled its entry into the digital space by introducing their new in-house marketing and branding agency, 1MARK. Their app offers Communication, Live Scoring, Media and Marketing in real time.  Already the 1Mark Members Challenge is fast becoming an attraction amongst the younger players as it offers them more than live scoring, but invites them into exploring the digital golfing visual impressions from tee to green. 1Mark offers clients a complete turnkey solution from invitations, audited live scoring, updates, social media and corporate advertising.







Davlynne Lidbetter General Manager: Forbes Africa remarks: “I would like to congratulate the 1Mark team on creating such a great opportunity for other entrepreneurs and businesses” Paul Marks Chairman: PGA South Africa says: “This in turn offers an exciting new revenue stream for clubs as well as a cost saving on communications.” Lastly Dave Usendorff Operations Director at The Els Club Copperleaf and TV personality added: “There are many add-ons that add so much fun to the program and importantly it eliminates the hard work associated with arranging a golf event, most importantly, compared to other products it’s the best value for money”

At a recent Woodhill Country Club Corporate Challenge proudly sponsored by FNB, players were treated with exploring the full spectrum of the 1MARK Scoring, Media and Marketing App with special features on the menu bar that allowed:

  • the player to upload photos from the field onto the leader-board
  • sharing of pictures, scores and comments with colleagues, suppliers and clients allowing for a peep on the course and the party  on the 19th hole (club house)
  • pushing of notifications through to players to remind them of features such as format / grab and go / welcome message and            promoting the corporates participating on the day.

The App reskins itself to take on any corporate identity and are able to push through any notices, ads, special attractions or campaigns on offer by the corporate in play. This is part of the Business End of the 1MARK app that allows the corporate sponsor to choose what info it wants to to share with the players at the events and also those following via its social media platforms, written and visual throughout the day or duration of the event. This gives the client the same kind of look and feel as experienced when buying a magazine or watching a live sporting event on TV.

Leading in this digital space of golf, 1Mark proves that innovation in golf both off and on the course is what makes the game interactive, inviting new interest whilst amplifying the business of golf.

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