All Smiles at the SAIS Charity Golf Day

The start of the SAIS charity golf day at Blue Valley Golf Estate is creating a buzz of serious proportion. With leaders from all the various companies arriving, the camaraderie between them lets us know that it is going to be a fun day out on the lush green fairways.

The friendship is evident that these are relationships that have matured over years of engagements and play. It takes events like this, that gives one the idea and insight of the extent the commitment corporate continues to project in the social welfare of South Africans.

Players will be enjoying the 1MARK scoring system and the event will be covered on all UniMedia and PinkStig platforms. At the same time the PinkStig Dream Team are all fired up, dressed up and warmed up to play and show women pro golf power at the SAIS Charity golf event. Ivanna Samu enjoying a sandwitch and remarking: “to play a good round, one has to fuel up”

Pat Lowth the senior manager and professional at Blue Valley  Golf Estate says: “the course had been prepared in the same way we would for club championships. So it will present the players with opportunities to score well while at the same time be challenged. So the guys should have a great time.” 

The SAIS charity golf day has been running annually for the last 17 years and has helped raise funds for many charities in need.

The events benefactor for 2017 is a charity called ‘Child Survivors of Crime’. “We have all gone through some traumatic experiences in our lives but most of us were not 4 years old when it happened. These children have been beaten, raped or left for dead.” says Reggie Marimuthu

“The Child Survivors of Crime charity are there to help these children with someone to talk to and get their lives on the right track and to help them succeed in every way in life. These children are assisted with  psychological assistance, material assistance, safety awareness, education and peer support.” says Reggie Marimuthu

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