Tijana Kraljevic ‘taking women’s golf to new heights’

Each season I find myself more motivated as supposed to feeling puzzled and the dreadful mental state of not knowing what way to go with one’s game. Now I am able to assess and critique myself as a complete outsider with the intent that I grow as a person and an athlete. Believe me the journey has no end to it.  I give most credit for this life lesson and skill to my coach Hendrik Buhrmann.

It takes a good coach to get you to swing like the best golfer in the world, but it takes one of the best coaches in the world to get you to think like the best golfer’s in the world.

Tijana posing at a PinkStig Pool Photo Shoot at the Cascades Hotel during the Sun International Pro-Am 2017

This Season was by far the best season on the Sunshine Ladies Tour for a few reasons- starting with being part of something bigger than my own ambitions.  I had and have the privilege to make an impact on the future of women’s golf in South Africa through the UniMedia’s PINKSTIG initiative.

The sole purpose is to take women’s golf to new heights. PinkStig has passionately created platforms for us for dialogue, collaboration and participation to appease the growing interest of corporate investment into women’s golf. Yet their approach is 10 % golf inside the ropes and 90% life coaching and lifestyle trending outside the ropes.

Tijana constantly at work in gym

Part of UniMedia’s PINK PRINT and strategy is to make the game more accessible to young women who show natural talent and demonstrate the appetite to be champions. The “adopt a pro” programme, currently in its infancy stage, is designed by Unimedia to support players financially, professionally and to develop and groom our talent further whilst providing opportunities to compete.

The amount of awareness that was created towards women’s professional golf this season through the power of social media was spectacular. I had so many people coming up to me and talking about the events and asking me about Pinkstig. People recognized me from different social media platforms and some of these folk weren’t even golfers.

Tijana proudly PinkStig

Dimension data for me was the biggest eye opener, that the women professional golfers had finally been acknowledged in this county, the amount of positivity we received there from our hosts and spending time to get to know us to the amateurs competing all excited for the women professionals to team up with them and lastly the men pros for being so gracious and supportive of us sharing one of their favourite highlights of the season.

To put a summary on this season in one sentence I would have to quote Gary Player and say ‘womens golf is like a Tsunami coming’.

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