Sun International Raising the Flag in SA Sport’s Pride

“It still leaves me without words when you meet these legendary sports personalities and see them so approachable and open to chat to anyone who draws their attention” says Dhiren Mehta UniMedia. He continues saying: “The other thing that one quickly comes to appreciate about these athletes is that they truly love this country and the South African flag, which they have carried with them where ever they have gone to represent South Africa.


When you listen to Andre Nel’s story, who was one of the most feared fast bowler’s in the world and still is humbled when working with the kids and teaching them the art of fast bowling, then one realizes that if these athletes were allowed to do their jobs they would actually produce more champions. This would be the same for women’s professional golf in South Africa.”

One thing that came through clearly in all the conversations with the boys, were that South African athletes thrives off the pride of the emblem they carry on their chests and see themselves as leaders in all sport codes and that winning is in the blood of every athlete when given the opportunity. “Champions are born and then hindered from reaching their full potential, when the opportunities are not created for them to excel in and lead” expressed Rob Dalton, Sun International.


Rob continues: “Sun International has always looked at the ‘odd thing’ and were able to quickly mobilize and create the support structures to enhance, create the awareness, promote and will continue with that formula as we have seen the value in that. To see the legends of all walks of sport emerge at events such as the Sun International Pro Am is heart warming and encouraging¬†and that we are able to tap into their respective formulas of success and let that run off onto our younger athletes.This is what we believe separates us from others and we see this every Saturday when we turn on the tv and watch our athletes win. The more our athletes win the more the future of sport in SA thrives, as with Women’s Professional golf, which is currently in the spot light.”

These legends still find it strange that there is this cloud hanging over women’s professional golf and all this talk of step by step of growing the game. “Open the flood gates to women’s pro golf like you see in rugby, cricket and soccer”, says one of the legends. “There is enough evidence that women’s professional golf should equally enjoy the same amount of attention and day light” says Warren Rudolph, Sun International. Seeing the ladies chatting and coaching, the likes of,Dave Wiese, Heino Kuhn, Albie Morkel, Marks Maponyane and so many of the other guys is what its all about” say Rudolph
The Pro-Am is about creating dialogue, forging relationships, sharing of knowledge and skills and talking about tomorrow… our future SA Hall of Fame candidates.

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