Warren Rudolph The Power of a Call

In a mainly digital environment, we all know that the impact of one phone call can be a deal breaker or maker.

warren-rudolphWarren Rudolph schooled at Allenby Campus College, Bloemfontein and currently Events Manager at Sun International has always displayed an eye for events that would add to the Sun International brand and lifestyle culture.

In February 2016, Rudolph would make a call to Rob Dalton Gaming Marketing Manager at Sun International that would set in motion a series of events that would come full circle this year at the Sun International Pro Am 2017. In his call to Rob he enquired if it would be possible to get some women professional golfers to play side by side with the celebrities and sport personalities at the event.

Rob Dalton’s reply to Warren was: “Why not! Let’s create an appetite for women professional golfers to participate in Sun International events .” Rudolph and Dalton took this conversation further with Dhiren Mehta and the UniMedia team and within five days several young amateurs and pro women golfers were identified and invited to play. At the same event UniMedia was afforded the opportunity to announce the launch of the writing of Sally Little’s Biography and as history records, Sally’s book was published and launched in October 2016. UniMedia went on to create the Little Pace Challenge with the intent to celebrate past and present SA legends and current champions of women’s professional golf. The LPC event was also used to unveil the PinkStig Initiative.

In November 2016  Sally Little was inducted into the SA Hall of Fame powered by Samsung. Exactly nine months after that call from Rudolph, Sun International now lifestyle partners of UniMedia, hosted the inaugural of the PinkStig Invitational which included a field of 20 SA women professional golfers and a whole host of corporates complimenting the field. To further heighten the event, UniMedia invited Kiran Matharu of England as the official international and Ladies European Tour player. Her participation led to her second invite to play in the Sunshine Ladies Tour as a PinkStig Pro alongside Carrie Park, Michelle Leigh, Ivanna Samu and Tijana Kraljevic. They would become the PINKSTIG DREAM TEAM at the start of the Sunshine Ladies Tour 2017.

The PinkStig Dream Team

As in any organization, we have our rainmakers, our activators and our visionaries. In the case of this call made at the right time to the right person with the right intention, Rudolph displayed the insight of having the end in mind when starting something new or wanting to invigorate change. This is what he says:

“I have an absolute passion for the managing and activating of events and working with people. Building relationships with suppliers, vendors, clients and sponsors are of the utmost importance to me, and I have many years of experience in dealing with third parties and different types and levels of clients.”

As we prepare for the Sun International Pro-Am 2017, taking place one year to the day of the call made by Rudolph, Kiran Matharu will tee off at the Pro-Am as number 1 on the Sunshine Ladies Tour, order of merit, chase to Investec. By her side, Carrie Park boasts the SA Women’s Master title and Ivanna Samu, who has grabbed the attention of the media and public both for her style and intensity that she brings to the game.

One wonders to who Rudolph’s next call will be and what domino effect it will cause?


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  1. Janet Fourie says:

    Wonderful to see an innovator and a true gentleman acknowledged in this way. Well done, Warren!

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