SKYLER T ‘Inspired by the Pinkstig Dream’

Saloshnie Naidoo of Skyler Tee speaks to us about her latest project: “The inspiration of the PinkStig jewellery collection stemmed from various aspects, firstly we have been on this journey from the very first event with UniMedia .

We as a company believe that women and our young ladies in particular should be empowered and be given the support to grow creatively.  We identified the synergy between the PinkStig brand and looked at creating a jewellery collection for the lady golfers to wear whether on the course or off the course.

Saloshnie Naidoo Skyler T (left) Lee-Anne Pace (centre) Sally Little (right)
Saloshnie Naidoo Skyler T (left) Lee-Anne Pace (centre) Sally Little (right)

This initiative catapulted our designers into a new space of creativity, celebrating the power of women in golf and also promoting both brands being SKYLER T AND PINKSTIG.  It’s the fusion of skill and technique that women have today and together creating this legacy that will go down for generations to come.”


The collections were conceptualised step by step and firstly we looked at the colour.  The colour pink…. it is a delicate colour that symbolises playfulness, romance, charm, femininity and tenderness. The colour pink is the colour of universal love.

Secondly we looked at the design to incorporate the PinkStig logo together with golf as the attraction and also its philosophy. It highlights the three aspects of human behaviour, the three curves that is emotional, intelligent and its social response to create that lasting effect.

The metals used is a non tarnish silver 925, plated in yellow gold and rose gold and combinations thereof and we included the use of pink resin for the background also using precious gemstones, pink stone called pink tourmalines and white

The process of making a design starts off by sketching, then using a card to render the drawings, and then it’s time at the bench to prepare the making of a tree of the designs that is hand injected to make a mould. This mould is casted in metal cleaned, polished and set accordingly.  All of it is made by hand resulting in the end result – beautifully manufactured handmade earrings, bracelets, pendants, chokers and key rings.

This will complement the golfer’s attire and both golfers and designers will shine showing off their awesome talents in the relative spaces and hence pushing forward the brands namely SKYLER T JEWELLRY AND PINKSTIG.

Skyler T together with UniMedia will soon unveil the PINKSTIG JEWELERY range for the PINKSTIG DREAM TEAM


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