Golf and its Elements found in Nature

Tracking the progress of our PinkStig Dream Team on the current Sunshine Ladies Tour, we note that weather has been a huge contributing factor, the heat, wind, rain, the condition of the course and the altitude. How can we ignore the forces of nature at play on and off the course?

PinkStig Pro Tijana Kraljevic in full swing

A force of nature is a natural phenomenon that humans cannot control. It is how we handle these situations that will define us as a person and a player. As human beings we aspire to be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually sharp and nature is considered the classroom of life.

Its positive effects impact the state of our brain, with lasting neurological and physiological benefits against city and office. With the stress levels in the work place and constant peer pressure, it is imperative that one needs to be in nature more and not less.

The study of Ayurveda recognizes the elements of nature as space, air, fire, water and earth as the building blocks of all material existence.

Equally with the elements of nature present at all times, it is about finding our balance in each of it.

Sally Little Capturing the Fire

Fire – conjures up thoughts of anger, clenched fists and frustration, yet when in balance the motivation and willingness to succeed is fuelled. Fire provides the body with radiant energy. UniMedia recently launched the biography of Sally Little, legendary golfer, titled “Capturing the Fire” Her trials, tribulations and successes in the game of golf is retold based on the Native American tale of how a rabbit stole the fire from the mighty Sky People and taught his fellow animal friends how to pass it on and stay warm. Golf promotes a caring environment and is often known as the game of giving.

 Water – our life sustaining nectar, making up for more than 70% of our total body mass. Water presents calmness, compassion and contentment, characteristics needed in this game and in life itself. We need constant triggers to practice the 3 C’s, starting with a mindset of gratitude is key.

Space – We are indeed spoilt and treated to God’s garden on a golf course. The limitlessness in time and space offers us the opportunity of endless hours of practice, dedication and a will to succeed no matter the obstacles we encounter. This is the rehearsal of life itself in constriction and expansion. Space is subtly ever-present allowing for the other elements to interact.

Air – golf involves a swinging motion directed towards a target, the challenge is to swing as a unit – our hands, arms, shoulders, and club. If the ball is in the right place, we’ll hit it because it is in the natural path of the swing. The club simply travels, as it will, carried along by centrifugal force and inertia, the laws of motion that guide all physical activity. Golf teaches us to focus over a long period of time and to understand the concept of alignment.  All of this preparation and insights before the ball takes off in air, whilst breathing rhythmically through it all. Air flows freely throughout the body giving movement.

Kiran Matharu in full flight

Earth – We constantly nourish ourselves with food and energy from earth and eventually our bodies return to the earthly matter from which it came. The grounding effect of feeling the grass beneath our feet, whilst using the earth as our foundation is what sets us up for this game. Golf’s ability to teach failure in an appropriate way is its greatest lesson. It instils an everlasting curiosity to understand what it feels like to fail.

Playing against the golf course and not each other harnesses our ability to develop the human spirit needed for leadership. Once we are able to accept the random forces of nature outside and within us, acknowledging the road signs ahead our execution will be closer to target.

So let’s pick up our clubs, get onto the course and allow ourselves to breathe in the air, connect with the space, feel the raindrops, soak in the sunshine and allow the earth to nurture and hold you, planting your feet firmly in the grass, disappearing into the Oneness of Nature with a natural swing and contentment in the heart!

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