Carrie Doyeong Park chats about her Maiden Victory

Carrie Park was crowned SA Women’s Masters in the City of Cape Town at Rondebosch Golf Course in front of a capacity crowd, that came out to support a Sunshine Ladies Tour event.

This was Carrie Park’s maiden win as a pro golfer on the Sunshine Ladies Tour, although she is not a newcomer to winning. Born in South Korea she relocated to South Africa when she was in grade 9. She plays her golf out of Irene Country Club. Her success formula is clear and precise: ‘the number of hours of practice and the number of rounds of golf I play combined with proper golf training, mental coaching and fitness training are essential to my success” say Carrie

In her last interview after being crowned SA Women’s Masters Champ, she gave thanks to her dad who introduced her to the game of golf, her coach Graeme Francis  and PinkStig for their support.

When she was asked about the way forward in improving the state of women’s professional golf in SA, she remarked: “to play provincial golf to increase their number of rounds and to gain the experience. They should regularly play with pros so they may learn and be motivated to keep up their practice as it needs to grow from a junior golf level.”

Carrie signed up with the PinkStig Dream Team to further promote her campaign in women’s professional golf. She wants her voice and thoughts on the game to be shared with the younger players and to promote more positive attitudes towards the  game.

She remarks: ” We are part of a generation of players that are being watched closely , recorded and discussed at coffee shops, at home and in the class rooms. All this because of social media. Everyone is walking around with some sort of medium through which they able to stay in touch with us as players and the game. We are quickly learning the importance of crowd interest and interaction, corporate participation and association, financial management and investment, communication and promoting the game by how we play and conduct ourselves on the course.”  

“Being part of the PinkStig  Dream Team gives me the opportunity to become a pro not only on the course, but off the course as well  and that excites me, as very little attention is given in these areas for a pro who is full time playing.”

Carrie chatting with Ivanna Samu as they walking to their next shots
Carrie chatting with Ivanna Samu as they walking to their next shots

“Being part of a team of players such as Kiran Matharu of England ‘coming with her wealth of experience and who have played with the best in the world, Michelle Leigh, Ivanna Samu ,Tijana Kraljevic are invaluable as it highlights two very important components in our business i.e playing for yourself and playing for others. My success over the weekend was my way of saying ‘thank you’ to my dad who has supported me from the day I picked up a club.”

Carrie and her dad ' her biggest fan'
Carrie and her dad ‘ her biggest fan’

“Playing for others is so important as it keeps you grounded and as much as I want  to be the best, you also supporting your colleagues in reaching their full potential”

Each of the PinkStig Dream Team players bring their own value and experience to the team and that is the dynamic which we recognise in each other.

Already in two weeks the PinkStig Dream Team has earned collectively over two weeks R187,216.00 out of a total prize money of R700 000, which included the SuperSport Ladies Challenge and SA Women’s Masters. This is apart of the benefits received being part of the Dream Team.

Part of UniMedia’s agenda is to coach and train the Dream Team Ladies how to invest and manage their time, resources, energy (mentally and physically), so they are able to profit at all levels in their lives as players and personalities.

Follow the PinkStig Dream Team at the next Sunshine Ladies Tour event: South African Women’s Open date: 26th – 28th January 2017 venue: San Lameer Country Club, Telephone: (039) 313 5141 (Pro Shop)
Fax: (039) 313 5144 (Pro Shop)



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