In Sight of SA Women’s Masters ‘Mastery of the Game’

With the huge hype around the SA Women’s Masters Golf tournament taking place in Cape Town at Rondebosch Golf Course at present, it led me to start reflecting about what makes this game so unique and once the bug has bit, you want to understand so much more about the game.

The technical, emotional or purely social aspects give it so much of appeal. As humans we constantly need to challenge ourselves in order to grow and stay at the peak of our game on all levels.

Michelle Leigh PinkStig Dream Team Player at the SA Women's Masters
Michelle Leigh PinkStig Dream Team Player at the SA Women’s Masters

One exercise I often use at the very beginning of my coaching sessions is to look in at the eight key life areas and to be able to rate yourself on a scale of 1 – 10. Looking in at the eight key life areas, already golf ticks four boxes, namely; wellness, personal development, emotion and spiritual. This leaves family, career, money and partner. However we can argue that when one is immersed into the culture around golf it can include the latter. It sets the tone for a family environment as most golf courses enjoy a club house whereby one has the ‘after golf’ events such as prize-giving, dinners and more.

Amarjit and daughter Kiran Matharu of Leeds, England
Amarjit and daughter Kiran Matharu of Leeds, England

The key life area of career is dominantly emphasized with the increase of corporate golf days which allows for networking to take place. Imagine setting up a meeting to pitch with a company…normally you would be limited to a one hour meeting.

On the golf course you have on average a duration of 4 hours spent with your fellow player or potential corporate.


The format of play is also conducive for this interaction to take place as you could enjoy a 4 ball format, which could see a good mix of strengths and position in corporate.

The point being, your career could improve, which means your money increases. This leaves us with the key area of partner…….golf can be played at any age and when your partner expresses a passion in this sport, considering the amount of hours and time spent away from each other, the curiosity will seep in at some stage. I speak of experience as a non-golfer who painlessly has accommodated my husband’s passion for the game for many years. Eventually the curiosity got the better of me and I volunteered to get out to the driving range at least to put ball to club. To my surprise, I found this to be the best stress releaser especially since I visualized a face on each ball as my club hit the ball. It was an exhilarating experience to say the least, many faces and buckets of balls later, my entry into the game.

Mastery of the Game


With each of the 8 key life areas fulfilled, we then move onto the mastery of the game. This takes me right back to the beginning. “The SA Women’s Masters” – I always imagined the explanation of the titles of SA Open Masters and right now the SA Women’s Masters to be for the participation of our baby boomers ….only to think that perhaps it is about the mastery being displayed as we have a huge amount of millenials coming out to play both as amateurs and professionals.

If on average per course you might have 4 -5 hours of play, including additional practice and the amount of tournaments and games one participates in you can easily rack up a 10 000 hour worth of playing time. In Malcolm Gladwell’s book, The Outliers he says it takes roughly ten thousand hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field. Could this be why we have the word “Masters” being used in the tournament?

So what does it take to rate yourself a 10 plus on the wheel of life in its eight key areas?

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