Mae’s Persistence in Writing

Mae Cornforth who hails from Potchefstroom is a committed pro golfer at Sunshine ladies tour and plays at GFG Academy. Since the inception of  PinkStig, she has diligently sent us a summary of her experiences on all her golfing tours.

She understands the importance of sharing her story as she is steadily building her profile. Her long term vision for herself is to secure a corporate sponsorship.

This is her account of the City of Cape Town’s Mayoral Pro-Am today held at Rondebosch Golf Course ahead of the SA Women’s Masters which is taking place from the 19 – 21st  January and forms part of the Sunshine Ladies Tour, Chase to Investec:


“So today I played with some fun politicians! I wasn’t in the pro am draw from the start but I was lucky to have been in the reserve list. Pro ams are very important for us to get exposure and get recognised! It is also fun for us to just have a social game especially with the people who have actually added to making the womens masters possible for us.. Yes the Sunshine ladies Tour really can’t be possible without all of the sponsors so the pro am is just over all very important.. I did play alright today, the wind was just mild as my Capetonian playing partners called it.. so I managed quite well.. They predict that Thursday, the wind will be at it’s strongest. At least tomorrow I will have another practice round and then hopefully by Thursday my warm up plan would have worked and  I will be warm and ready for the show.”

One of PinkStig’s mantras is “powering play through creative thought”. Mae bears testament to this mantra with her self reflective ability and persistence in writing about her current journey playing on the Sunshine Ladies Tour.


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