Ivanna Samu Joins UniMedia Pro Dream Team

Ivanna Samu turned pro leading up to the PinkStig Invitational, which took place on the 28th November 2016 at Sun City. Ivanna went on to finish in 3rd place and earning her first cheque from UniMedia as a professional golfer. Now she has her eyes set on the ‘Sunshine Ladies Tour’ and later on in the year  ‘The PinkStig Pro Series’. It came as no surprise when Ivanna announced that she was going to sign with UniMedia for the 2017 season.

Earlier this year Ivanna highlighted where she got her motivation  from and how she has moulded her attitude around the game that she loves with all her being.

Ivanna said: “Sally Little said that I have everything it takes to become the best and not just because of my golf swing, but more than anything else, because of my spirit and attitude towards the game I do love so much. It was such an honour to hear these words from a legend, that I carried it within my heart and when things got tough I would say to myself“come on Ivanna if Sally Little believes in you…you CAN do this”

Ivanna Samu standing with Lejan Lewthwaite
Ivanna Samu standing with Lejan Lewthwaite

Ivanna proudly shares: “If I can just walk in her shoes for one day, I could be on the road that no one has ever walked after Sally Little and for no other  reason, but because she believed that I could. I thank you Sally Little for your kind words that changed my future forever…Ivanna Samu together with Kiran Matharu of England, Tijana Kraljevic and Michelle Leigh will all wear PinkStig as their official wear at the first Sunshine Ladies Tour event starting on the 4th January 2016 SuperSport Ladies Challenge at Huddle Park, Johannesburg.

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