Kiran Matharu Playing Aggressively at Lalla Aicha Final

Kiran Matharu of England  is currently playing at the Lalla Aicha Final, Marrakech in Morocco  and is playing well above her expectations. She is a two times champion on the Hero Women’s Pro Tour India and boasts  several top 10 finishes on the Ladies European Access Tour. UniMedia was also fortunate to have Kiran play at the inaugural PinkStig Invitational 2016, which took place at Sun City. She completed her round on even par and ended T8 with Mae Cornforth of South Africa.

Mikaela Oosthuizen (left) and Kiran Matharu (Right)
Mikaela Oosthuizen (left) and Kiran Matharu (Right)

Kiran Matharu is also joined with the only African (South African) player representative Lejan Lewthwaite currently +4  and South African born Francesca Cuturi  currently +5 and who now plays under the Italian flag.

T64 16
ESP 73 73 74 F +4 220
T64 4
NAVARRO Marijosse
MEX 76 71 73 F* +4 220
T64 -3
RSA 75 73 72 F* +4 220
T64 24
ENG 72 73 75 F +4 220
T64 -24
SWE 76 74 70 F* +4 220
T69 21
CUTURI Francesca
ITA 76 70 75 F* +5 221

UniMedia caught up with Kiran to get a sense of her performance after three days at the Lalla Aicha Final Stage.

Kiran’s response to UniMedia: “So going into the Lalla Aicha Final Stage I worked with my coach Mark Pinkett and my trainer Ghulam Rafique on the basics, as I have been on decent form I didn’t change too much. We are playing two different courses this week so I only played 18 holes on each as I have played them before. Practice went well, all I wanted to do was get a feel for the greens really.”

T10 -2
IND 72 69 69 F -6 210
T10 -2
COWLEY Gabriella
ENG 70 71 69 F -6 210
T10 -2
SWE 69 72 69 F -6 210
T10 6
MEX 70 67 73 F -6 210
T14 -3
ENG 72 70 69 F -5 211

She continues: “My approach for the three days so far has been to play aggressive as I know the scoring will be low. My scores have progressively got better over the three days, which I’m happy with. The courses here are quite open and there are a lot of birdie chances, the greens are fast especially on the main course Samanah. I generally prefer fast greens so that’s suits me well. My strategy for round four is just the same, play aggressive.”

Follow our players Lalla Aicha Final Stage taking place in Marrakech, Morocco.



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