Real Promotions Mastery Touch at the PinkStig Invitational

Real Promotions have truly proved themselves to be masters at their craft, filled with a vibrant and dynamic team that is ready to take on any challenge and “exceed all expectations” with immaculate delivery. When it comes to branding and marketing, Real Promotions is definitely the place where many should take notes.


If their collaboration with the PinkStig, in association with UniMedia, is anything to go by, you can be sure that this team is dedicated to powerful and progressive outcomes. They have invested in the success of the PinkStig and have worked closely with UniMedia to see its vision through.

Real Promotions together with UniMedia Pro makes an unbeatable team that is developing media strategies and communications to drive the awareness of the PinkStig. Real Promotions share common values with the PinkStig in youth development and female empowerment.


Rob Green, who is the CEO of Real Promotions, and his team attribute their passion and commitment to working with UniMedia and The PinkStig to common values, saying: “Real Promotions is a company that strives to develop and train young entrepreneurs, and being involved with the PinkStig and UniMedia Pro gives us the opportunity to influence young people– like the PinkStig Cubs– to grow their brand as entrepreneurs and to have leaders and idols to look up to within their professions.”

Rob Green CEO of Real Promotions
Rob Green CEO of Real Promotions

Rob Green shared his ambitions for Real Promotion’s work with the PinkStig and UniMedia during the Sally Little induction and prize-giving ceremony, exciting the room with his vigor. He certainly made it clear that there is bigger and better that is yet to come from this collaboration and we are absolutely excited to go on the journey together with UniMedia Pro.



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