The PinkStig touches Hearts

Congratulations to Tandi von Ruben who was crowned the winner of the PinkStig Invitational, which took place at Lost City Golf Course , Sun City. Tandi was taken by the atmosphere, the attention to detail and more importantly the subtle  touches that really made her feel that she was at a women’s golf tournement.

The event was equally significant with Legend Sally Little being the host of the tournement and being inducted into the SA Hall of Fame. Johnny Burger and Eugene Lewis of SA Hall of Fame, powered by Samsung, are two gentle giants that walk the talk with their hearts in the laps of their mothers and both couldn’t say enough about why women’s golf should take centre stage.

Eugene Lewis SA Hall of Fame (left), Raul De Lima MD Sun City (center) and Johnny Burger SA Hall of Fame

These two giants have already facilitated the induction of the Springbok 95′ World Cup Winners into the SA Hall of Fame powered by Samsung earlier this year. Sally Little was invited as an honorary guest to that function.  While all the energy was directed towards Francois Pienaar and his men, Rob Collins of Sun International acknowledged all the great sportsmen in attendance and went on saying : ” as much as we celebrate the successes of our men on the rugby field, we also have amongst us a legend that has walked the road to stardom quietly and alone, without any fuss. She is known to be a shy character. She deserves to be celebrated and I want to acknowledge her tonight; .LADIES AND GENTLEMEN SALLY LITTLE.”

Sally was applauded and some stood up realising that she was actually there. In the meantime, Sally was sitting next to a lady who herself plays golf; this lady, upon  realising that she was sitting right next to Sally, tightly embraced her and said: ” I grew up with your name being spoken of in our home everyday. My dad would say to me: “be like Sally” She giggled and ended off saying to Sally: ” My dad was madly in love with you and here tonight I finally meet you”


On the night of the 28th November 2016, UniMedia Pro together with Sun International and SA Hall of Fame, powered by Samsung, was inducted into the SA Hall of Fame. The words of Rob Collins had come full circle and no surprise that it all took place at Sun City at the Sun International Conference Centre, Warrior Hall.

A year ago at the Nedbank Golf Challenge, Gary Player agreed to do an interview with UniMedia. It was then when this great legend known to the world as the Black Knight said: ” Women’s golf is like a Tsunami coming”.

It became very evident over the last couple of months while engaging with corporates and other professional athletes, that the feeling was that women’s professional golf just does not have enough wind in its sails. Without a doubt, all the effort made by the Sunshine Ladies Tour to create a platform for female professional players to enjoy their play, space and time under the  African sun can only be applauded. Their young history as the only women’s professional tour in South Africa and the rest of Africa has instilled confidence in players to make South Africa one of its destination for competitive golf.

The PinkStig Ladies Tour, which will be announced early next year can only be a  compliment to further enhance and drive women’s professional golf to greater professional heights. At the same time see more international players prefer playing in South Africa, because of what this country offers at golf courses, the climate and African lifestyle.

Kiran Matharu of England (right) being interviewed by Mikaela Oosthuizen

Kiran Matharu of England who plays on the Ladies European Tour and Indian Tour attended the inaugural of the PinkStig Invitational, and already she found herself off to Fancourt for another round of golf. Kiran finished in T8 and was amazed at the beauty of the Lost City Golf Course, Sun City as a venue, the warmth of the people and players towards her and her father and has pledged that she will promote the PinkStig Initiative in Europe. It only takes one to cause the ripple in the water.

On the 28th November 2016, it become clear to us and to many who have been partnering with us, that the name of the Tsunami- as mentioned by Gary Player in his interview- is ‘THE PINKSTIG’

Only good fortune can come from the PinkStig Tsunami



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