Sally Little inducted into the SA Hall of Fame

The PinkStig Invitational came to a close earlier last night, after an eventful day at the Lost City Golf Course. The field and perfect weather played an important role in creating the highly charged atmosphere amongst the players that persisted throughout the day.


The Sally Little Induction and PinkStig prize-giving ceremony, which took place at the Warrior Hall, Sun International Convention Centre sealed the events of the day wonderfully, bringing all the attendees back together in one room for a cheerful association. Representatives from Sun International, SA Hall of Fame, Samsung, Real Promotions, UniMedia and Skyler T each shared their reasons for being a part of the PinkStig initiative and their goals as collaborators to this initiative.

Rob Dalton Sun International stands with Sally Little

Sally Little, who was officially inducted to the South African Hall Of Fame, summed up the thoughts on everyone’s minds, when she gave a heartfelt and emotional speech in which she expressed gratitude for the efforts to enhance women’s professional golf that she has had so much success with internationally over her career that stretches over four decades.

Many of the speakers echoed a similar sentiment towards the PinkStig Invitational. The overwhelming support that the invitational received from the above mentioned sponsors, the professional, amateur players and families are a testimony to the fact that many people are dedicated to making sure that the power and voices of women in this sport and others are not only heard, but that they mobilize and inspire.

Meanwhile Tandi von Ruben clinched the inaugural of the PinkStig Invitational (modified stable ford), receiving her trophy sponsored by Styler T and a cheque of R20 000 for just a day’s work. Founding member Dhiren Mehta expressed his satisfaction with the days outcomes, particularly Sally’s induction in the SA Hall of Fame and receiving and hosting some of South Africa’s most promising young lady golfers, seeing  in action Ivanna Samu who recently turned pro and making her debit in the PinkStig Invitational.

1 my image Tandi von Ruben 9
2 my image Lejan Lewthwaite 8
3 my image Ivanna Samu 5
4 my image Monique Smit 4
5 my image Carrie Park 3
6 my image Francesca Cuturi 2
7 my image Bonita Bredenhann 1
8 my image Kiran Matharu 0
8 my image Mae Cornforth 0
10 my image Melissa Eaton -2
10 my image Nicole Becker -2

Kiran Matharu of England told the media present that she cannot believe the amount of comaradie amongst the players and their readiness to help each other on their games and more so working with the PinkStig Cubs and the amateurs who are already benefiting by having Sally Little here to inspire and working with them on their approach to the game to reach their fullest potential.

Sally Little took time to give Xaviar Arries (PinkStig Cub) a coaching lesson

There are so many angles and stories shared amongst players, sponsors and fans of women’s golf and the next couple of months will prove vital as UniMedia forges ahead to realise its vision for women’s professional golf and the PinkStig Women’s Winter Tour endorsed by the Sunshine Tour.

PinkStig Champion 2016 Tandi von Ruben


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