High Energy and Buzz at the Eve of PinkStig Invitational

The long awaited PinkStig invitational officially kicked off and we were joined by partners to PinkStig,  players and family at the beautiful Sun City’s Luma bar and lounge. Excitement beamed in each one’s eyes as peers mingled and got acquainted in anticipation for tomorrow’s competition.

Dhiren Mehta with PinkStig Cubs

Media teams included ANN7, Essays for Africa, SABC, ENCA and Sun International. Each team captured the thoughts and emotions of the players and the resounding consensus is this: the empowerment of women in sports is long overdue and necessary; to this point, everyone is set on performing at their utmost.

Players enjoying the atmosphere

Sally Little, who is the host of the PinkStig Invitational, lit up the room upon arrival and is an enchanting addition to the upbeat energy of the event. She adds a generous touch to “being a great host”, going from table to table to personally greet attendees.

Bonita Bredenhann, Tijana Kraljevic, Ivanna Samu, Leanda Schulze and Carrie Park are just a few of the wide-smiled faces that created the keen atmosphere that dominated; they will be joined by many others at the Lost City Golf Course, including the PinkStig Cubs.

Rob Dalton Sun International with Sally Little

Today proved to be an amazing start to what looks like the makings of thrilling competition; and as we retire for the day, to our respective suites to get some much needed rest before we tee off tomorrow, we look forward to seeing each player’s game-face.

Rob Green Real Promotions seeing new friendships forged

for more on the PinkStig Invitational visit http://www.pinkstig.com/gallery


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