Xavier Arries ‘Young and Ambitious PinkStig Cub’

Xavier Arries, an ambitious PinkStig cub, is exceptionally spoken of among golfers in her league. Described as “determined and passionate in achieving her goal that she throws her all into the idea” by her coach, Xavier shows astounding potential at becoming a Pro golfer deserving of many accolades.

Xavier Arries playing out of the bunker
Xavier Arries playing out of the bunker

At 12 years old, this cub has already accomplished a great deal. She has been a member of the WGWP (Women’s Golf Western Province). River Club junior programme since July 2015, with 100% attendance and has even used her time during school holidays to hone her golfing skills.

These are efforts that will, surely, be rewarded with a talent eligible for national and international merits and celebration. Xavier has illustrated the drive it takes to go all-the-way with her passion for golf, and her coach and peers have certainly noticed.

Xavier Arries
Xavier Arries

Ryan Randall (Xavier’s coach) expresses great confidence in Xavier’s potential and abilities when he shares the plans for Xavier’s young career, saying: “During the previous holidays Xavier won two tournaments and had the best net score in the third tournament for the female section. Another aspect will be to double up on her practice time which will help her with strengthening the body and the mind, this also allows her to spend time with other young golfers.”

Playing 18 holes in the upcoming PinkStig invitational, Xavier will have the opportunity to rub shoulders with professional golfers that have learnt and experienced many of the challenges and benefits she is yet to experience herself, in her golfing career. This PinkStig cub will soon attain a golf handicap and then will be eligible to take the next step in our junior development programme by joining the junior squad, with WGWP (Women’s Golf Western Province).


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