Henriette Frylinck ‘Caddying Internationally to PinkStig’

Henriette Frylinck went from playing twice a week, to turning Pro, to caddying all in succession. She is one player who has had a fully furnished golfing career and warmly recounts the amazing experiences she’s had, during a short interview. She shares:

“I started when I was 14; I did a lot of other sport as well, so I played maybe twice a week with my dad and brother. At the age of 18, I started taking it more seriously and went to a coach at Glendower CC, then I moved to Doug Wood (in the Serengeti) 3 years later. Two years after that, I turned Pro and played on the Let Access Series.

My family played a huge role in my golfing career. They supported me financially, my dad helped me get a sponsor so that I could have the opportunity to play in Europe and chase my dream– my family was my biggest supporter and fans.

Henriette Frylinck out on the course

“I stopped playing and started caddying on tour. I did that full time for 2 years, but started working the beginning of this year (real estate agent). This year I’ve caddied 6 tournaments a years for Katie Burnett from the USA, when she played in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

I’ve also caddied for Lee-Anne Pace in a few tournaments, and she won all tournaments I caddied for her, but one tournament in Prague where she finished second.

My passion is and will always be to play, but caddying keeps me involved in the game, which I love. Caddying also gave me the opportunity to see the best players in the world play. It is very interesting to see how other players (top 30 players in the world) handle themselves in situations on the course, how they think etc.

“Playing in Europe held a lot of challenges: weather and courses are different, living out of a bag for months traveling using public transport, which Nicole Becker and I mastered, and eventually driving on the “wrong” side of the road.

Being away from your coach and support system on that side of the world was also quiet challenging– but on the flip side I have great stories to tell, lots of memories made, awesome friends, played some of the best courses in the Europe; that’s a time that I will NEVER Forget! Golf taught me a lot in life, and I am grateful for the opportunities I had playing this amazing game.”

Henriette represents the Waterklloof Golf Club at the upcoming PinkStig Invitational.



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